5 places in Moscow where you can practice sports for free

Велосипеды и самокаты в отеле Пекин - бесплатная услуга проката все лето

1. Ride through the picturesque streets of the capital on a bike is a real workout for the body and mind. For all the guests of Peking Hotel bicycle rentals and scooters free of charge all summer. Route map with marked sights attached! Find out more.
2. Open lessons from famous sports brand are varied and always free of charge. You can visit different lessons: Zumba, crossfit, stretching, functional training, pilates and more. Get acquainted with all kinds of workouts, coaches and class schedule can be found in the official group
3. Parkun project is the race at 5 km through the scenic parks in the company of like-minded offers. Get details and register as a participant on the official site.
4. Playground for free crossfit classes was opened  next to the Pavilion No. 9 on VDNKHA, and there are a dancing lessons –  hastlu, Latina, tango and break-dance –  in a House of culture.
5. Visit a trial workout in Boxing Club Udarnik. Classes are held on Sunday.

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