60 facts about Peking Hotel – fact # 21

60 фактов об отеле "Пекин"

Fact # 21. Lions – the guardians of Peking Hotel.

According to ancient Chinese tradition, the lion is the mythical guard of the Law, the guardian of the sacred buildings. It is a symbol of might and success, power and strength. Lions are not depicted in early Chinese art at all, but they began to appear in different manners and incarnations with evolution of imperial power. Initially, the Celestial lions stood solely in front of the entrance to the Imperial House. And only many years later the guards appeared in front of palaces, temples and Government offices. Over time, the Lions began to decorate houses and became a symbol of high social status and wealth of the family. Traditionally, Lions-guardians are located on both sides of the entrance holding a bronze ball. The lion at the right hand, a lioness – on the left. There are several legends about symbol of a ball. One of them is Lion hold “Earth” and represent the energy of Yan. On the other hand – ball is a Sun and a lion is a symbol of the force of nature.
The Lions-guardians of Peking Hotel you can see at the Museum on 7-th floor of the hotel.

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