60 Facts about "Peking"-fact № 1

Отелю Пекин 60 лет - факт № 1

Fact № 1: Dmitry Chechulin-architect of the hotel “Peking”
☛ Building of the hotel “Peking” was built on the project of Dmitry Annie-famous Moscow architect, professor, author of more than 40 books, brochures and articles on urban planning and, subsequently, the chief architect of Moscow. The founder of pompous and monumental style “Stalin’s Empire” grew up in a modest house on the street factory in the city of Shostka Chernihiv province. The House of Chechulinyh was like a small workshop. Dmitry was an irreplaceable assistant to the father: they together designed, made drawings and sketches. The skills gained in childhood were strengthened by the knowledge of the higher State Art and technical Moscow Institute. Dmitry Chechulin made a dizzying career rise, for ten years, rising from an ordinary member of the team architect Shchusev to the post of chief architect of Moscow. During the years of his work he built and participated in the creation of projects of iconic objects of the capital, which to this day proudly rise against the backdrop of old Moscow and are architectural monuments: the Palace of Soviets (now House of the Government of the Russian Federation), a residential house on Kotelnicheskaya Embankment, a complex of buildings of the triumphal square, including the concert hall named after Tchaikovsky and the Hotel “Peking”. The authorship of Annie belongs to the design of Moscow Metro stations: Komsomolskaya (radial), hunting range, Kiev (radial), Dynamo and Mayakovskaya.
Masters of Modern architecture consider the architect Annie Happy: he saw the implementation of many of his projects, and he did not have to live to the demolition of one of his iconic objects (hotel “Russia”).

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