60 the facts of "Peking"-fact # 11

Легендарный ресторан Пекин на первом этаже гостиницы Пекин - история Москвы

Fact # 11. Restaurant “Peking”-the most popular restaurant in the country.

On the ground floor of the hotel was the famous “Peking” is the first Chinese restaurant in Moscow, opened in 1957, it quickly became one of the most popular places in the capital. Here it was sought to dine the whole city, every girl dreamed of a wedding in the “Peking”, and considered it one of the attractions, mandatory to visit.
Initially, the restaurant contained two main halls: Hall of Russian cuisine and Chinese cuisine Hall. Chef Chinese Hall was Vyacheslav Bončenko, who has long served as a cook at the Government ship and escorted travel companion Gromyko. In the United States he learned the secrets of Chinese cuisine and successfully applied their skills in restaurant “Peking”.
Chinese Hall was a true work of art: hand-painted on the walls and columns using only natural dyes, wood paneling and screens, handmade, pictures on the wall-painting on Chinese silk, Chinese vases and figurines.
In 1989 year restaurant changed after restoration work performed by Chinese masters. Now it was three rooms: the largest Hall “Tiananmen” unusually beautiful “celestial” ceiling (pictured above) and two less-“Hall of Lights” and “Beihai”. “Peking” could accommodate 450 guests.

Fact # 11-The Peking restaurant is the most famous restaurant in the country.

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