60 facts about the Peking Hotel

Метро Маяковская - подземный шедевр

Fact # 10- Mayakovskaya metro station – the underground masterpiece
The history of the Peking Hotel is inextricably linked with the history of attractions surrounding it on all sides. Getting to the station Mayakovskaya. Our guests often enthusiastically talk about it and keep the photos on the memory of this underground masterpiece. Mosaic of smalt ceiling with special lighting were made by artist Alexander Dayneky and combined theme of Soviet sky “-airplanes, blimps, skydivers. By the way, columns on the station finished corrugated stainless steel-these elements were created at the plant “Dirižabl′stroj” and originally intended for the palate, not for decoration of the Metro station.
«Mayakovskaya» was opened in September 1938 . But the uniqueness of its draft noted several years earlier at the world exhibition in Paris, and at an exhibition in New York, the project received the Grand Prix. It even included in an anthology of selected works of world architecture.

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