60 Facts about “Peking” – fact № 4

Часы в башне отеля Пекин

Fact № 4-clock in the tower regularly work for more than 60 years!
Muscovites and frequent guests of the center of the capital at the exit of the doors of the metro station Mayakovskaya by habit look back at the giant clock in the tower of the hotel building. Clock “Peking”-an invariable part of the landscape of historical Moscow. No one knows the exact date of their installation. The information we have reached is extremely controversial. Although the construction work continued until 1955, the official “date of birth” of the famous watch is considered to be 1949 – this year is written above the dial.
The clock worked without interruption for 50 years and suddenly stopped in the early 2000s. The giant pendulum mechanism was successfully repaired, retaining the original mechanical part of the huge hours!

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