60 Facts about "Beijing"-Fact № 6

Fact № 6-on the 7th floor of the hotel opened a museum
On the 7th floor of the hotel "Beijing" opened a museum, visiting which you can look at sculptures and ornaments of natural stone, vases of the famous Chinese porcelain, see the huge paintings with expressive landscapes of the Celestial Empire, and learn interesting facts from History of the legendary hotel.
You can catch the "wind" of the birthday of the hotel in the whole territory of the hotel complex "Beijing". In each room, on each floor of the hotel there are elements of interior and décor, having historical value.
We cherish this heritage-the exterior and interior decoration of the building, recognized as a monument of Stalin Classicism architecture.
Fact № 6 – There is a museum of the Hotel on the 7th floor
You can see the sculptures and ornaments made with natural stone, vases of famous Chinese porcelain, the great pictures with expressive landscapes of China, and learn interesting facts about the history of the legendary hotel.

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