60 facts about Peking Hotel – fact # 14

Памятник Владимиру Маяковскому рядом с отелем Пекин

Monument to Vladimir Mayakovsky – a poetic center of the Capital.

Peking Hotel is historically connected with the history of Triumphal square, where a monument to Vladimir Mayakovsky is standing for 58 years. At that time Peking Hotel was the meeting place of Soviet theatre actors, poets and writers that gathered near the monument.

Contest for right to be the author of the monument lasted for 4 years. Friends and colleagues of Mayakovsky were involved in discussion and making decision on the best project. The sculptor’s Alexander Kibal′nikov and architect Dmitry Chechulin (who built Peking Hotel) work was submitted as the best. The sculptor worked 6 years and in two years before the installation began choosing place on the square. Photochronicles footage show the installation of cardboard layouts that moved from place to place to determine the best location of the monument.

Became world famous, monument to Vladimir Mayakovsky in the background of Peking Hotel -the classic postcard image of the Soviet Moscow. Nowadays the monument to the great poet is considered to be one of the main attractions and a venue for literary and poetry events.

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