60 facts about Peking Hotel – fact # 24

Часы в башне отеля Пекин - 60 фактов о Пекине

Fact # 24 – the truth about the 1949 figures on the clock of Peking Hotel

Over the famous clock on the tower of Peking Hotel flaunts figure 1949. Many believe that this the year building start.
But it is not!

1st October, 1949, proclaimed as the establishment of the PRC in Tiananmen square in Beijing.
Hotel was called in honor of this event, and its building in the center of Moscow was intended to emphasize the friendly relations between the USSR and China.

An important date was marked on the most visible place of the building over the clock in the Belvedere of Peking Hotel.
The day of the PRC is an important festival in China, which is widely celebrated every year: all central streets of cities are decorated with huge arrangements of fresh flowers, folk festivals held’s on squares, the sky lit up by numerous fireworks.

The clock in the tower of Peking Hotel count off the hours, minutes, days and years such a rich and interesting history of the two countries.

Peking Hotel congratulates with the anniversary of the founding of the PRC our Chinese guests and partners!

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