60 facts about Peking Hotel – Fact# 25

Fact# 25. Two-meter high vases made of Delft porcelain at the Grand Suite room.

The famous porcelain from Holland, delft porcelain, actually comes from China. Merchant ships brought to Holland Chinese masters artworks, which was characterized by glaze-type painting with cobalt products with a grey-blue tinge during the Ming era (1368-1644).
Blue-and-white porcelain gained popularity among Europeans very quickly and after that Delft masters began to attempt to copy the oriental products.
Today this ware – a symbol of the Delft city, the most expensive and popular souvenir. Once he became the inspiration for Russian artists, who created the famous painting «Gzhel».
A couple of vases from Delft porcelain with a height of about two meters are adorns one of the Grand suites room at Peking Hotel. It is rumored that in Moscow there is only one copy of this incredible beauty porcelain ensemble, which guests have nicknamed «A suite with a huge vases».

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