Billboard – Weekend in Moscow

✔ February 25 (Thursday)
☛ BLACKBERRY Epic BAND-the brightest rock compositions of the Century in "live" Performance!
Restaurant "Radio City", beginning in 20.00
☛ Excursion "tram 302 bis + Bulgakovsky house + Bad Apartment"
Returning from a tram trip to the historical streets of Moscow, you will immediately take a tour of the Museum of Bulgakov, and then-in an uncomfortable apartment, where lived and worked great writer! Beginning in 19.00. Duration-2 hours.
Information and ticket booking by phone: + 7 (495) 970-06-19

✔ February 26 (Friday)
☛ Satira Theatre
"Fatal Attraction" performance. Former stars, as you know, do not happen. The Hollywood diva Irma Garland is firmly convinced of that. In all possible ways, she tries to regain her youth and reappear on the screen. Cast: Vera Vasilyeva, Igor Lagutin, Alexander Vojvodina. Beginning in 19.00.
Ticket Offices: + 7 (495) 699-36-42
☛ night of Tim Burton in Lumiere Hall
From 23:30 to 6:00, having settled on cozy Pufikah, it is possible to watch three films from the famous creator of gloomy fairy tales and to discuss the seen with like-minded people. The cinema in "Lumiere-hall" is very unusual – the film is broadcasted simultaneously on 20 screens. The picture surrounds the viewer from all sides, which creates the effect of presence.
Official website

✔ February 27 (Saturday)
☛ School of the Little Chef
From 12:00 to 16:00 the restaurant "Radio City" invites adults and children to master classes on the preparation of sweet masterpieces and various products from the dough. Information + 7 (495) 363-42-23
☛ Theatre named after Mossoviet
"Cherry Orchard"-a comedy in 4 actions in the staging of Andrei Konchalovsky with Yulia Vysotskaya in the role of Lyubov Rannevskaya. Beginning in 19.00
☛ the Beatles party with the band DANS RAMBLERS! Concert of the best Moscow Beatles-cover group.
Collection of guests in 20.00, the beginning of the concert in 21.00
Information + 7 (495) 363-42-23

Weekend in Moscow
February 25th: BLACKBERRY Epic BAND (rock concert in Radio City Bar & Kitchen), tram tour of the historical streets of the Moscow and the Bulgakov Museum excursion.
February 26th: The performance "Fatal Attraction" at the Satire Theater, Tim Burton Cinema night in the "Lumiere Hall".
February 27th: Cooking Master Class for children and parents in Radio City Bar & Kitchen,
The performance "The Cherry Orchard" (The Mossovet Theater), the Beatles Party (the rock concert in Radio City Bar & Kitchen)

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