Good Day

The day of Spontaneous kindness (Random Acts of Kindness Day) is celebrated in the world every year on February 17.
This holiday is more known in the countries of Western Europe and the USA, but every year it is gaining popularity and already has a worldwide value! On this day in many countries are traditionally held charitable events and marathons. But the most important thing today is to give good in all its manifestations, because this is the essence of the holiday! Hotel "Beijing" congratulates you on the day of kindness. Let this Tuesday you will be cozy and joyful in the circle of relatives and colleagues!
Random Acts of Kindness Day is celebrated each year on February the 17th in all over the world. This Holiday is better known in Western Europe and the United States, but every year it is gaining in popularity and already has global significance! There are traditionally charity events and marathons in many countries this day. But The most important thing today is giving a kindness, it is the essence of the holiday! The Peking Hotel congratulates you with the Day of kindness. Let This Tuesday is comfortable and happy for you and your friends and colleagues!

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