Was built by architect Dmitry Chechulin, the founder of Stalin’s Empire. This majestic style combines the pomp, luxury and monumentality. Stalin’s Empire style embodied the traits of the French character of the 19th century epoch, in which are echoes of Classicism and Baroque. Dmitry Chechulin made a dizzying career rise, for ten years, having risen from an ordinary member of the team of architect Shchusev to the position of chief architect of Moscow.

The Name

In a sign of friendship between China and the USSR Moscow announces the name of the new hotels in the Centre of the capital Beijing. At first glance, the building hit its luxury: Chinese motifs, emphasize the authenticity of interiors, high walls, silk covered with colorful scenes from the life of the Chinese nobility. The ceiling was decorated with crystal chandeliers, 12 won the USSR as trophies from Germany.

The first guests

The hotel greets first guests and later becomes a second home for high-ranking persons, diplomatic delegations and artists. Among the famous guests: Arkady Raikin, Vasily Stalin, Marina Vlady, Lolita Torres, Dean reed, Marcel Marceau, and many others.

Peking Restaurant

Opening of the first and the only Chinese restaurant in the capital of a joint Soviet-Chinese company “Beijing to Moscow”. The restaurant was decorated with Chinese architects and decorators as a gift to the capital. He, in turn, attracted guests by Asian cuisine.

A monument of history and culture

Building was recognized as a monument of history and culture.
After more than half a century externally, Peking has changed little. Stand out is that modern doors installed in place of the solid with cast handles. High-rise building with multi-reliefs above the entrance, as before, is decorated with a clock tower and a spire.

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