Interesting routs – 8 facts about Pushkinskaya square

Интересные маршруты для прогулок по Москве рядом с отелем Пекин - Пушкинская площадь

8 facts about «Pushkinskaya» square
✔ 944 meters, 10 minutes walk

1 – Historical name is “Strastnaya square” (Strastnoy Monastery), otherwise «Tverskikh vorot» square .
2 – A.S. Pushkin monument appeared on Tverskoy Boulevard in 1880. Dostoevsky and Turgenev made speech at the opening of the monument. Subsequently, the monument was moved to «Pushkinskaya» square.
3 – Square is decorated with lights from different times. Those that can you can seen on the photo, were moved along with the monument from «Tverskoy» Boulevard.
4 – Square was renamed “Pushkinskaya” only in 1931.
5 – Cinema theatre “Russia” (now “Pushkinskiy”) was built in 1961 on the place of demolished «Strastnoy» Monastery.
6 – In the late of 19th century there were trade hay and firewood on this square.
7 – The fountain appeared as a part of the reconstruction of the square in 1950.
8 – «Pushkinskaya» square was a center of social life during the “perestroika”: fresh newspapers were hung on the stands of the “Moscow news” building. People gathered around them, read the news and had hot discussions.

How to get from Peking Hotel: from the Central exit, walk through the «Triumphal» square to the crosswalk. Cross Tverskaya street. Go in toward the Center (about 700 m), you will see Pushkin square and the monument to the great Russian poet on the left side.

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