Interesting routs – “Alexander and Natalie” the fountain

Интересные маршруты для прогулок рядом с гостиницей Пекин

“Alexander and Natalie” the fountain

✔ 1590 meters, 17 minutes from Peking Hotel
Rotunda fountain on the square near the Nikitsky Gates was installed in honor to the 200-year anniversary of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.
Place to install a fountain named “Alexander and Natalie, was chosen specially: its shape harmonize with the architecture of the legendary Church, situated near by, where Alexander Pushkin and Natalya Goncharova got married.
The dome of the Rotunda is made with participation of the employees of the pilot production of the high-energy physics Institute.
According to the architect’s concept of the Rotunda dome with a diameter of three meters at the base of the arrow is made of 2400 petals covered with imitation gold.
Construction for strength and durability, weight which eventually amounted to more than a ton, was made a special carrier farm. Calculations were made by specialists of aircraft factory producing world-famous brands of Mig fighter aircraft.
☛ HARDLY ANYONE KNOWS: “Alexander and Nathalie» is the first fountain in Moscow with drinking water, purified coal filters. It is believed that those lovers who drank water from a fountain, will acquire joint happiness.
☛ Address: Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street intersection and Tverskoy Boulevard.
☛ How to get from Peking Hotel: from the Central exit, walk through the Triumphal square, leaving it to the right. Tverskaya Street go in toward the Center (about 700 m), turn right on tverskoy Boulevard and go straight to the intersection with Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street (approximately 900 m).

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