ATTRACTIVE MOSCOW – 5 news of the Capital

Интересные события и новости Москвы на сайте отеля Пекин

ATTRACTIVE MOSCOW – 5 news of the Capital

1. Passengers will be able to connect to Wi-Fi at 450 bus stops in Moscow. Free Wi-Fi bus stops will be marked with stickers. You’ll need to get through SMS registration to connect.

2. Mobile audio guide in a Museum of Space will hold guests through the halls and tell many interesting stories about flying in space and scientific achievements. The excursion is available through a free app.

3. There’s a new way to cool off in the subway during the summer heat. Ice cream vending machine was installed at Kurskaya metro station. On sale now only vanilla or chocolate ice cream. Expansion of assortment and installing machines in other subway stations are in plan.

4. Within the project of the Novy Arbat street landscaping, the longest bench in Moscow will be installed! Its length will be about 300 meters and it will be possible to sit on both sides.

5. Routes for burning calories appeared in Sokolniki Park this summer. Choose comfortable along the length of the path, walk or jogging through it and get your results. Large painted circles on the pavement at the end of each route will tell you about the number of calories burnt in the mode of walking or jogging. After a workout, relax and check your weight on the bench-scale. Wonder device you can find on the Festival square.

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