Патриаршие пруды

Patriarshiye Ponds
(700 meters, 8 minutes)
A beautiful pond with swans surrounded by the garden square is a favorite place for walks and romantic dates of Muscovites and the guests of the capital. There were several ponds until the beginning of the 20th century, but then they were actively overbuilt. The Patriarch Hermogenes once chose this picturesque place for his residence. This is what gave the name to the place glorified by Bulgakov in his novel “The Master and Margarita.” It is still rumored that Voland appeared here for the first time not incidentally. They say that the evil spirits that had lived on the moor continued intriguing the inhabitants of the Patriarchiye settlement even after the Patriarch Joachim failed to cast the spirits out. Curiously enough, but there isn’t any Bulgakov’s monument on Patriarshiye Ponds, but there is a sculpture dedicated to Krylov and his fables. Now Patriarshiye Ponds is a cultural heritage site and protected by the state.
☛ Address: Bolshoy Patriarshy lane, 7/1.
☛ How to get from Peking Hotel: turn right from the main entrance. Cross the road through the underpass at Bolshaya Sadovaya Str., and move ahead against the traffic. Turn left onto Malaya Bronnaya Str.

The Aquarium Garden
370 meters, 4 minutes
The history of the Aquarium began in 1893 when this cozy garden was opened in the possession of a large Moscow homeowner M. S. Malkiel. The main attraction here is sculptural fountains: Apollon, Stream and Satyr, which are a perfect place for hiding from summer heat. In 2001, on the initiative of the Moscow government the Garden was substantially reconstructed. Besides the fountains, one can enjoy the views of elegant arches in the Park, visit a stone grotto. There is a playground for children; benches for relaxing are installed in the shadow alleys of the Park. The Park is open around the clock, so decorative illumination of fountains creates a fairytale atmosphere in the evenings and at nights.
☛ Address: Bolshaya Sadovaya Str., 16
☛ The Aquarium Garden is located on the opposite side of the hotel, near the Satire Theater.

Сад Аквариум
Московский планетарий

The Moscow Planetarium
900 meters, 15 minutes on foot
It is one of the biggest in the world and the oldest planetarium in Russia. At the opening (1929), the Moscow Planetarium was the only one in the country and the thirteenth in the world.
In 1997, the Mosproject-4 Creative Workshop started developing its reconstruction. It took nearly three years to approve the project and to start the preliminary works. In 2000, the project got the prize and was awarded a first-degree diploma of the Union of Architects of Russia.
Thanks to uncommon technical and creative solutions, it became possible to increase the total area of the building 6 times and to organize a museum, an exhibition hall, a science department, a cafe, an underground parking and other technical rooms in the building, while keeping the original image of the architectural monument.
Nowadays the Moscow Planetarium offers its visitors a wonderful world of stars, scientific achievements and advanced technologies. Here you can learn a lot about the history of astronomy and space explorations, set scientific experiments in the interactive museum, the Lunarium, see some of the oldest astronomical instruments in the Museum of Urania and even touch real meteorites!
The renovated Planetarium will also offer its visitors a 4D movie theater, the Small Star Hall equipped with special seats and, of course, the Sky Planetarium – a big cupola screen where you can see bright and dynamic pictures of the starry sky.
☛ Address: 5 Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya Str., bld. 1
☛ How to get from Peking Hotel: leave the hotel and proceed along Bolshaya Sadovaya Str. (in the direction of the traffic). Near house No. 7 at Sadovo-Kudrinskaya Str. you can see the Moscow Planetarium.

The Glinka National Museum Consortium of Musical Culture
940 meters, 11 minutes on foot
This is the largest treasury of musical culture monuments, which does not have analogs in the world. Among the exhibits are: the music and literature manuscripts, researches on the history of culture, rare books and musical editions. The museum keeps autographs, letters, different types of documents connected with the life and creative work of both Russian and foreign figures of musical culture. The special place is given to the world collections of musical instruments.
☛ Pay attention: The oldest Russian organ of the German master Friedrich Ladegast is exhibited in the foyer of the Museum.
☛ Address: Fadeeva Str., 4
☛ How to get from Peking Hotel: leave the main entrance, pass Truimphalnaya Square and leave it on the right. Cross 1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya Str. through the underpass. Turn to 1-ya Tverskaya-Yamskaya Str. and continue straight ahead to the intersection with Fadeeva Str. The Museum building will be directly across the street.

Музей Глинки
Пушкинская площадь - интересные маршруты рядом с отелем "Пекин"

8 facts about «Pushkinskaya» square
944 meters, 10 minutes walk
1-historical name is “Strastnaya square” (Strastnoy Monastery), otherwise «Tverskikh vorot» square .
2- A.S. Pushkin monument appeared on Tverskoy Boulevard in 1880. Dostoevsky and Turgenev made speech at the opening of the monument. Subsequently, the monument was moved to «Pushkinskaya» square.
3-Square is decorated with lights from different times. Those that can you can seen on the photo, were moved along with the monument from «Tverskoy» Boulevard.
4-Square was renamed “Pushkinskaya” only in 1931.
5- Cinema theatre “Russia” (now “Pushkinskiy”) was built in 1961 on the place of demolished «Strastnoy» Monastery.
6- In the late of 19th century there were trade hay and firewood on this square.
7-The fountain appeared as a part of the reconstruction of the square in 1950.
8- «Pushkinskaya» square was a center of social life during the “perestroika”: fresh newspapers were hung on the stands of the “Moscow news” building. People gathered around them, read the news and had hot discussions.
☛ How to get from Peking Hotel: from the Central exit, walk through the «Triumphal» square to the crosswalk. Cross Tverskaya street. Go in toward the Center (about 700 m), you will see Pushkin square and the monument to the great Russian poet on the left side.

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