New Year Holidays 2016

The capital prepares a lot of surprises for everyone who will join with it to celebrate the New Year 2016! You can go to the theater, museum or the Moscow Zoo-everywhere you will be waiting for an unusual New Year program!
✔ in the theater. N.I. The "12 months" performance will take place at the Christmas Eve. It is possible to take children from 7 years old.
✔ The Moscow Theatre of the Young Spectator will show a play with the mysterious name "Alineur", based on the fairy tale "Star Boy" by Oscar Wilde. Suitable for children 6-14 years old.
✔ in the Central puppet theater. Exemplary-a fairy tale "Winnie the Pooh!". Suitable for children 3-7 years old.
✔ In the theater of Cats Kukklachova will be a miserable whole family. Performances with participation of biped and four-legged actors will amuse from the soul and will charge a great mood!
✔ January 7 in the garden "Hermitage" will help to travel through time and feel all the wonderful color and wonderful atmosphere of celebrating Christmas in Russia artists folklore ensemble "Stir".
✔ in the museum on Poknaya Gora on January 10 will be held a musical performance and festival "History of Christmas toys." Especially it will appeal to children under 11 years old, but the guests of other ages also do not remain indifferent.
✔ Moscow Zoo at the time of the New Year holidays opens the door to a real fairy tale. With Santa Claus, who will fly from the great Ustyug, children and adults will go in search of missing teddy bear. The quest will be accompanied by fun games and amusements. And the end of the fairy tale is sure to be good!
Hotel "Beijing" wishes you Happy New Year holidays!

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