on May 9, the day of the great victory, the Honorary guest at the "Peking" became a veteran of the great patriotic war D. Kalyuzhna Maria Koltakova

9-го мая, в День Великой Победы, почетным гостем отеля «Пекин» стала ветеран ВОВ Мария Денисовна Колтакова

To congratulate the country on victory day and participate in the March of "Immortal" in the capital Regiment arrived Maria Koltakova D. Kalyuzhna (Shamayev)-veteran of the great patriotic war, the battle of Kursk, participant record three times in Russia, book of records guard medical service officers. Victory day 1945-St Maria D. Kalyuzhna met near Prague: "in the Woods stood troops and our guns. And we have already set their sights to shoot. And suddenly the Scout shouts "Hurrah! Victory! "and all caps up steel throw and shouting" victory! ". Who was maudlin, wept. I'm not crying. Never. And now not crying ".

In its 95 years of "Iron Lady" continues to commit heroic deeds. Two years ago, Maria D. Kalyuzhna jumped with a parachute from a height of 3 km! Jump she dedicated to his brother, died during the war. About the source of his irrepressible energy veteran said simply: "it is necessary to Live a proper life: do not drink, do not smoke, do not steal, do sports, pour with cold water, do gymnastics. Now spring, you can walk for miles weigh. That's the whole secret "(based on the project" Live in Belgorod).

Positive, tireless, Maria D. Kalyuzhna zarjadila Beijing Hotel for a long time and all of us energy winners, pride for the Motherland and its heroes! From the heart we wish you health and many years of this great woman who, along with millions of fellow countrymen, gave us a peaceful sky above!

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