Portraits of famous people on the streets of Moscow

Look at Moscow through the eyes of talented street artists! Portraits of famous people, made in the technique of "graffiti" decorate the walls of houses and turn facades into works of art. And all this is quite official: artists created their masterpieces in the framework of urban projects.
Vladimir Mayakovsky from the rider SO2ART. The famous poet is depicted on the brick wall of the plant "Red October" (project "Open-air Museum" festival Artside, 2014)
☛ Bolonaya NAB., 6/4, factory "Red October"
Mikhail Bulgakov appeared on the wall of a six-storey house in the big Afanasyevsky Lane under the Heritage Project with the support of the Moscow Department of Culture. The authorship belongs to the artists of the "Zukclub" team.
☛ Big Afanasevsky Lane, 33
George Zhukov
This huge portrait, covering more than 250 square meters of the wall of the house № 17 on the old Arbat, was created within the framework of the project "Our great Victory" (in honor of the 70th anniversary of the significant date).
☛ ul. Arbat Street, 17
Anna Akhmatova
The house, on the wall of which is depicted a portrait of Anna Akhmatova, was chosen not by chance. Here lived the writer Victor Ardov, whose poet often stayed during visits to Moscow. In this apartment there was a acquaintance of Akhmatova and Tsvetaeva.
☛ ul. Grand Ordonka, 17 (in the yard)

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