The World Theatre Day

Афиша - Всемирнай день театра в Москве

The first mention about the Theatre dates back to 2500 BC, when the performance took place in Egypt, the story which served as images of Egyptian mythology. In our days we will gladly attend theatrical premieres every year celebrate World Theatre day-a professional holiday of masters of the stage and a joyful day for the millions of fascinated spectators.
This weekend, 26 and 27 March in the capital will take place cultural rally “night of the theatres”.
All will begin March 26 at 10 p.m. in the Grand Hall of the central exhibition hall “Manege”. The first guests will be submitted performance costumes from the Opera “the Nutcracker” theatre “Novaya Opera” Yevgeny Kolobov name. Continue to “Night Theatre” Mayakovsky Theatre Moscow fragments from the presentation of the play “Caucasian chalk circle” and the theatre “School of contemporary plays” with “city of Rajhel′gauza”.
«Day and night» Theater happy and “the Bulgakov House”: March 26 in 19:00 will be shown at the performance of the master and Margarita, and 27 March actress Victoria Mustafina and Olga Anichkov will pantomime «life train».
Peking Hotel congratulates employees of theatres with their professional holiday and wished successful Premier, full halls and tumultuous applause!

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