Spa Kingdom in the Celestial Empire

On the 3rd floor of the hotel "Beijing" is located spa Center "Spa in the Celestial"-a part of the exotic mysterious world of Indochina, introduced by the eastern trends in the Russian capital.
This is the whole kingdom of Siam in miniature: flickering candles and glow lights incense, delicate aroma of Thai jasmine and soft iridescent ethnic melodies… Subdued light through palm foliage, ropes-lians at the ceiling, a mat of natural fibre of coconut and wall finishing with cane stems-all this sends to travel on tropical jungle.
There are three massage rooms available, one of which can be used for two. One of them, with the romantic name "Mergence of Souls", will take you away from the bustle of the city and lead to a complete relaxation and a state of true bliss.
For two: Steaming in the sauna and Turkish bath, soft scrub and milk bath in the font "Furako" with a massage head and collar zone;
For her: Anti-stress massage with hot volcanic stones (stone therapy);
For him: A relaxing massage with aromatic oils.
All guests of the Beijing Hotel receive a 15% discount on all spa services.
Welcome to the Celestial!

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