The Kingdom of Siam at Peking Hotel

Спа салон "Спа в Поднебесной" в отеле "Пекин"

On 3-th floor of the hotel “Beijing” lives piece exotic mysterious world of Indochina. Feel the slow passage of time, immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere of relaxation and tranquillity, mentally transport yourself in wonderful gave sophisticated Orient and treat yourself to a vacation with a classic Thai massage “the Kingdom of Siam”.

Thai massage or Yoga Massage “is a system of healing that comes from Ayurveda and Chinese medicine, the oldest existing in the world. History of Thai Massage employs more than two thousand years, and today, as a century ago, it is popular.

Like many other wellness systems East, Thai massage uses the concept of energy balance recovery. On views of Thai healers, energy circulating in the human body on numerous energy channels “Sep”. It is believed that any illness is a failure in ènergotoke. Thai massage promotes harmonization of energies in the body, healing and improve the overall tone.

Salon Spa in China “gives discount on massage” the Kingdom of Siam “-only until 30 November 2400 USD. instead of 3200 rub. per session (60 minutes).

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