“This is truth” Tattoo & Barber

  • Haircut and temples shape
  • Hair coloring and grey hair covering
  • Wax facial hair removing
  • Beard and moustache trim and shape,
  • Designs
  • Straight razor face (head,beard,moustache) shave
  • Kids cut
  • Tattoo studio
  • Tattoo design,sketch making
  • Professional tattoo art (all styles)
  • Cover up
  • Tattoo correction, renew

☛ Working hours: 10:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m. daily | +7(925)226 62 22 | truthtattoo@mail.ru

A piece of the exotic mysterious world of Indochina is located on the 3rd floor of  Peking Hotel.

Тренажерный зал

Sporty guests can take advantage of the gym.

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