Winter days of Street theatres

If you are looking for the source of New Year's mood, be sure to visit the winter days of street theatres, which will begin on December 19 at Pushkin Square and go until January 10. In 18:30 all the collectives will gather together to hold the opening ceremony. Participants of the theatrical festival will be collectives "fiery people", "Svetlitz", Paranorma and Pololo. Each troupe has prepared the surprise: "Fiery people" will appear in the image of Fieks-inhabitants of New Year's islands. The artists of the theater promise many surprises: in luminous costumes they will wander among the guests and suddenly arrange the fountains of confetti.
The team of "Svetlitz" will turn into Christmas toys this evening, and the artists from Paranorma will show the performance "snow-soft Blizzard", which combines choreography, acrobatics and vocals

Winter days of a street theater
If you are looking for a New Year mood source, you should visit a street theater "Winter days", that will begin on December 19th at Pushkin Square and run until 10 January.
Artists promises a lot of surprises: they will wander among the guests in glowing costumes, and arrange the fountains of confetti

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