On the 7th floor of the Peking Hotel there is a museum, where guests can get acquainted with the history of the construction of the hotel, learn interesting facts about famous guests, admire the preserved interior details of the legendary “Peking” restaurant – wooden sculptures, decorations made of natural stone, vases from the famous Chinese porcelain, and also see tapestries and paintings with expressive landscapes of the Middle Kingdom. In the museum, you can make a wish to the hotel’s guard lions.

According to ancient Chinese tradition, the lion is the mythical protector of the Law, the guardian of sacred structures. It is a symbol of power and success, power and strength. In early Chinese art, lions were not depicted at all, but with the development of imperial power, they began to appear in different images and incarnations. Initially, the Heavenly Lions stood exclusively in front of the entrance to the imperial dwelling. Only many years later, the guards appeared in front of palaces, temples and government institutions. Over time, people began to decorate houses with lion sculptures, which became a symbol of high social status and material well-being of the family. Traditionally, guardian lions, holding a bronze ball with their paws, are positioned in pairs on both sides of the entrance. On the right hand side there is a lion, on the left – a lioness. There are several legends about what exactly the ball symbolizes. According to one of them, a lion presses the “globe” with its paw and personifies the Yang energy. According to the other, the ball is the sun, and the lion is a symbol of the power of nature.

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7th floor, free entrance for hotel guests

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